Best Food To Feed Your Child

Are you wondering what will keep your baby safe and happy? One word. Food. A safe and happy baby is one that well fed. Not only just about any food, nutritious food.

Just make sure to keep the best burp cloth around after your baby has fed otherwise, it will be a mess when the excess food starts coming out. But that aside, you have to see to it that your baby is receiving the best nutrition that money can buy.

Some of the Best Food You Can Give Your Child

While processed foods are convenient, they don’t offer the best nutrition for your child. The best thing that you can give your child is natural and unprocessed food like whole grain and fruits. It might be hard to come by where you are, but these remains the best you can give your child.

  1. Oatmeal—Not only is it replete with minerals and multivitamins, it’s also replete with fibers. This helps in the bowel movement of the child which is also closely associated with its moods. On top of that, the carbohydrates in oatmeal offer a quick source of energy for the child. Make sure to keep up after a hearty breakfast.
  2. Nuts—Who doesn’t love the taste of peanut butter? As long as your child is not allergic to peanut butter, this is a good source of protein and should not be overlooked in your child’s nutritional regimen. Don’t worry about the fats in the nuts, your kids need it. Make sure to consult your doctor first for possible allergic reaction to it.
  3. Eggs—This gift from our fowls is an amazing source of protein and complex B vitamins. It also contains Vitamin E and Zinc which are essential in strengthening the immune system. While it is advised for adults to consume an egg a day, you have to use your own judgment when it comes to babies.
  4. Yogurt—Do you think you need those good bacteria in your stomach? If you do, how much more for babies? Soured milk like yogurt is known to be a good breeding ground for good bacteria we know now as probiotics. These are supposed to help in the digestion of food and in the absorption of nutrients in the stomach.
  5. Melons—This fruit from the Cantaloupe family is a good source of Vitamin C, beta-carotene and trace amounts of Vitamin B. The good thing is, this fruit is not hard to find particularly when in season. You can even get it for cheap if you live near a farm that specializes in it.
  6. Broccoli

While these lists are not complete, if you can give your child some of these on a regular basis, you can be sure to boost his or her happiness levels. Not only that, the child’s well being will also improve. As it has often been said, we are what we eat.

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Best Food to Feed Your Child


A safe and happy baby has to be well fed. As long as you have the best baby bib, you don’t have to worry about food spilling over. The most important thing is, you are giving your child the most nutritious food there is. Here are top 10 food that you can give your baby while they are growing up.

  1. Oatmeal—Full of calcium, zinc, iron and B complex vitamins, oatmeal is the best that you can give your child for a quick source of energy. This will not only fill your child with carbohydrates but with fibers as well.
  2. Eggs—For a good dose of protein, you can’t go wrong with old fashioned eggs. It’s complete with other nutrients like calcium and Vitamin E and B complex.
  3. Nuts—Peanut butter along with bread is the best thing that can happen for breakfast. Kids love the creamy taste of nuts and they need the protein too.
  4. Yogurt—If you want the infusion of milk to be a notch higher, give your child yogurt. Not only does it have all the nutrients of milk, it has good bacteria too.
  5. Melons—This fruit provides beta-carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins and bits of calcium. You won’t have a hard time looking for melons especially when they are in season.
  6. Broccoli—You might have a hard time giving this to kids but you have to. This is the best vegetable that you can give you child as it is rich in potassium and beta-carotene and other vitamins.
  7. Sweet potatoes—If you want to give you kid beta-carotene, fibers, carbohydrates and a host of other vitamins in just one food, you can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes.
  8. Protein—Your kids need protein in order to sustain their growth. Good source of protein is legumes and meat. If you want to give it free from fats, you go for legumes. But you have to remember that fats are important too so meat is also a good idea from time to time.
  9. Whole grain—Whole grain does not only give carbohydrates which are a good source of energy, it is also a good source of fibers. Give you child some brown rice and whole wheat bread because these are better than their white counterpart.
  10. Orange Juice—To flush it all down, you can’t go wrong with orange juice. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc. For re-hydration, the water content of juice takes care of that. The good news is, orange juice is easy to find. You can go for the completely organic or otherwise, but orange is readily available and you don’t have to sweat it out.

If you give these foods to your kids, you can be sure they will be healthy. Along with proper play time, nutritious foods are the best that you can give your kids. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

What to cook for a first date

When it comes to dating, your main goal is to impress your date.  And if it’s your first time to go on a date, you might think that it can really be a challenge to create a good impression. But if you’ve got a good cooking skills, then it’s time for you to show it off and prepare something sumptuous on your first date.

Cooking for someone else can be nerve wracking for some. But it will never be that hard as long as you have the best ideas about what to cook on your first date. Let’s check out some of the amazing dishes that you might want to consider preparing.

Choosing a Dish

Since it’s your first date and you don’t really have much ideas about this particular person, then it might be a little bit of challenge to prepare something that he or she would love. However, you can always do a bit of a background checks about your date and you can probably get an idea on what that person would love eating.

But if you don’t have a luck of getting more information about your date, then you can always go with the safe choice. For instance, preparing pasta and steak. Probably not too many people would say no to them. Just toss some fresh green salads and you should be good. Or you can depend on Divine Interventions to do its work and that your date would love what you prepared for.

What to Prepare

In order to help you further, let’s check out some of the easy and amazing dishes that you can prepare on your first date. Preparing a great meal might guarantee that you’d have your second or third or fourth date.

Pasta recipes. You will never go wrong with pasta. Not to forget that there are tons of pasta recipes that you can consider cooking. For instance, seafood linguine is such a delicious but very easy pasta dish to prepare. Shrimp is such an easy thing to work on, and you’d never go wrong with it. Adding some salad would already make a perfect combo.

Steak. Although preparing steak requires perfection, you can surely learn how to do this craft the right way. The best thing about preparing a perfectly seared steak is proper timing. Its doneness depend on how long you’ve seared or grilled it. So you better make use of your watch. Just toss some great garnish and you should be good.

Vegan dishes. In case you’d know that your date is vegan. Then there are tons of recipes that you can try. Some delicious roasted sweet potatoes with some tomatoes and herb sauce would seal the deal. Or do this buffet-style salads to give your date the options to mix up his or her own fresh salad meal.

When it comes to preparing food for your first date, it should never stress the hell out of you. You can find easy and fast dishes to prepare out there. And it’s always about knowing what your date would love and what you’re good at. Show what you’ve got and impress through your cooking!

How to prevent healthy food from mucking up your carpets

We all love healthy food but as healthy as it can be, it can still muck your carpets if you let it sit there for the necessary time.  Also, either we like it or not, healthy food has this particular ability to produce foul odors after a while.  Truth being said, it actually already smells pretty bad to some even before it rots or whatever.  Which is probably why scientists are trying to make it taste like junk food.  That would be fun to see!

When you come down to think about it, probably the best way to prevent healthy food from even touching your carpet is to avoid eating it while on the carpet.  But of course, that is true in Fantasy Land.  You realize that you are not the only green eater and other members of your family will accidentally drop food, even without noticing.  Even you could be the culprit, so maybe you are one to talk!

Either way, here are some ways to prevent healthy food from making a horrible stinky stain on your carpet.

Clean your carpet regularly

Yes, probably you already know that.  But when it comes to healthy food (or any other food for that matter), regular cleaning probably has a definition of its own.  Food decomposes very easily due to their organic components, which lure in fungi and bacteria.  If you do not clean your carpet regularly, these two agents and other microbes are what you will have the most.  These organisms will cause quick decomposition of food.

Hence, vacuum your carpet at least two times a week, especially if you know that people have eaten over it.  You can never be too careful about this.

Check for spots

Once you have vacuumed your carpet thoroughly, go scavenging for spots.  This is where it gets interesting.  The recommendation for hard-to-remove spots is to use a spotting solution.  Let it sit for the time recommended as it might need some time to act.  If you want to feel safe about the product, you might want to try on a small spot on an invisible corner. Try to remove a stain from a non-visible place and test.

Know when to get professional help

When stains go really bad and you keep trying to make it better out of sheer frustration, you can wind up making it worse.  Whenever you find a spot that will just not go away, before you even consider replacing the whole damn thing, get professional help.  We recommend Yorkville Carpet Care if you want to get outstanding results.  Make it a routine to have professionals clean your carpet with special products at least once a year.



  • a 4-rib standing rib roast (trimmed weight 10 to 10 1/2 pounds)
    1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary leaves
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 stick (1/4 cup) plus 1 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
    1 onion, chopped
    1 green bell pepper, chopped
    1 ounce dried shiitake mushrooms
    2 cups hot water
    1/4 pound fresh mushrooms, sliced
    2 1/2 cups canned beef broth
    1/2 cup medium-dry Sherry
    4 teaspoons arrowroot, dissolved in 2 tablespoons cold water

Let the rib roast stand at room temperature for 1 hour. In a small bowl knead together the rosemary, the salt, and 1/2 stick of the butter and rub the meat with the mixture. In a roasting pan roast the meat, ribs side down, in a preheated 500°F. oven for 30 minutes, reduce the heat to 350°F., and roast the meat for 1 3/4 to 2 hours more, or until a meat thermometer inserted in a fleshy section registers to 130°F. for medium-rare. Forty-five minutes before the roast is done add the onion and the bell pepper to the pan. During the last 40 minutes of roasting, in a bowl let the shiitake mushrooms soak in the water for 30 minutes, squeeze out the excess liquid, and reserve the soaking liquid in bowl. Discard the stems and slice the caps thin. Strain the reserved liquid through a fine sieve into another bowl. Transfer the roast to a heated platter, discarding the strings, transfer the onion and the bell pepper to paper towels to drain, and reserve them for the shiitake pan gravy. Let the roast stand for 20 to 30 minutes before carving.

In a heavy skillet sauté the fresh mushrooms in the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons butter over moderately high heat, stirring, for 1 minute, add the shiitake mushrooms, and sauté the mixture, stirring, for 1 minute. Add the broth and the reserved mushroom liquid and boil the liquid until it is reduced to about 2 1/2 cups. Skim all but 1 tablespoon of the fat from the pan juices in the roasting pan, add the reserved onion and bell pepper and the Sherry, and sauté the mixture over moderately high heat, scraping up the brown bits, for 1 minute. Boil the Sherry mixture until it is reduced by half, strain it through the fine sieve into the mushroom mixture, and bring the mixture to a boil. Stir the arrowroot mixture and add it to the gravy, stirring. Simmer the gravy, stirring, for 3 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste, and transfer the gravy to a heated sauceboat.

Serve the roast with the pan gravy.

Learning How To Prepare And Cook Health Food Recipes



Have you experienced any difficulties in the past locating decent diet food recipes? If so, then you are not alone. And please don’t give up.

It’s impossible to predict just when you will find great diet food recipes. It’s also impossible to predict where you will find them. It seems that there are not a great deal of good tasting diet food recipes

Health food recipes may seem daunting; however, they can be prepared very easily on a budget and ensure that the correct foods are eaten. Far too many people today eat snacks and meals that are full of fats and processed foods. Obesity is becoming a huge problem all over the world, and learning how to prepare and cook healthy recipes is essential.

When the body does not receive the adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins that it requires every day it will begin to suffer. Many of the foods that are eaten are simply quick, processed, empty calories that provide nothing for the body. Health recipes are easy to follow and will ensure that the body is receiving exactly what it requires on a daily basis. There is no excuse why everyone cannot learn how to prepare and cook healthy recipes.

People often think that cooking healthy recipes is time-consuming, and expensive, however, if the meals are planned in advance they will, in fact save time and money. By providing the body with healthy, nutritional snacks and meals throughout the day, the cravings and over eating will stop. It is surprising once a routine has been established how easy it is to follow the health food recipes. There are always plenty of different options, and healthy does not need to mean boring or bland.

Planning is essential from the very beginning knowing what meals are to be cooked, and what health recipes are to be followed will save time and money. Although it may take time for the whole family to adjust to the new healthy recipes, once they understand that there are no unhealthy alternatives they will give the healthy foods a chance.

Fruits and vegetables can often be included in the health food recipes raw, therefore, saving on cooking time. The fruits and vegetables can be simply washed, chopped and thrown in salads and fruit cocktails. Finding alternatives to frying is essential, and many of the health food recipes will ask for foods to be grilled, boiled or steamed. Once the habit is broken of frying everything, this method of cooking will soon be forgotten.

Thankfully the popularity of healthy foods and health recipes is growing, which will help to bring the ingredients down in price. Eating healthily no longer needs to be an expensive way of cooking, and finding the right ingredients will ensure that they are great value. Including fresh herbs in the cooking process is a great way to provide an extra element to the meals.

Introducing healthy recipes will encourage children to eat healthily, and ensure as they grow they understand the importance of healthy living. Children learn everything from their parents and the adult influences within their life. If the children of the future are introduced to health recipes, they will not want to eat unhealthy foods. Healthy foods can be great alternatives to many of the processed snacks that can be found at the local stores.