When it comes to dating, your main goal is to impress your date.  And if it’s your first time to go on a date, you might think that it can really be a challenge to create a good impression. But if you’ve got a good cooking skills, then it’s time for you to show it off and prepare something sumptuous on your first date.

Cooking for someone else can be nerve wracking for some. But it will never be that hard as long as you have the best ideas about what to cook on your first date. Let’s check out some of the amazing dishes that you might want to consider preparing.

Choosing a Dish

Since it’s your first date and you don’t really have much ideas about this particular person, then it might be a little bit of challenge to prepare something that he or she would love. However, you can always do a bit of a background checks about your date and you can probably get an idea on what that person would love eating.

But if you don’t have a luck of getting more information about your date, then you can always go with the safe choice. For instance, preparing pasta and steak. Probably not too many people would say no to them. Just toss some fresh green salads and you should be good. Or you can depend on Divine Interventions to do its work and that your date would love what you prepared for.

What to Prepare

In order to help you further, let’s check out some of the easy and amazing dishes that you can prepare on your first date. Preparing a great meal might guarantee that you’d have your second or third or fourth date.

Pasta recipes. You will never go wrong with pasta. Not to forget that there are tons of pasta recipes that you can consider cooking. For instance, seafood linguine is such a delicious but very easy pasta dish to prepare. Shrimp is such an easy thing to work on, and you’d never go wrong with it. Adding some salad would already make a perfect combo.

Steak. Although preparing steak requires perfection, you can surely learn how to do this craft the right way. The best thing about preparing a perfectly seared steak is proper timing. Its doneness depend on how long you’ve seared or grilled it. So you better make use of your watch. Just toss some great garnish and you should be good.

Vegan dishes. In case you’d know that your date is vegan. Then there are tons of recipes that you can try. Some delicious roasted sweet potatoes with some tomatoes and herb sauce would seal the deal. Or do this buffet-style salads to give your date the options to mix up his or her own fresh salad meal.

When it comes to preparing food for your first date, it should never stress the hell out of you. You can find easy and fast dishes to prepare out there. And it’s always about knowing what your date would love and what you’re good at. Show what you’ve got and impress through your cooking!

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