How to prevent healthy food from mucking up your carpets

We all love healthy food but as healthy as it can be, it can still muck your carpets if you let it sit there for the necessary time.  Also, either we like it or not, healthy food has this particular ability to produce foul odors after a while.  Truth being said, it actually already smells pretty bad to some even before it rots or whatever.  Which is probably why scientists are trying to make it taste like junk food.  That would be fun to see!

When you come down to think about it, probably the best way to prevent healthy food from even touching your carpet is to avoid eating it while on the carpet.  But of course, that is true in Fantasy Land.  You realize that you are not the only green eater and other members of your family will accidentally drop food, even without noticing.  Even you could be the culprit, so maybe you are one to talk!

Either way, here are some ways to prevent healthy food from making a horrible stinky stain on your carpet.

Clean your carpet regularly

Yes, probably you already know that.  But when it comes to healthy food (or any other food for that matter), regular cleaning probably has a definition of its own.  Food decomposes very easily due to their organic components, which lure in fungi and bacteria.  If you do not clean your carpet regularly, these two agents and other microbes are what you will have the most.  These organisms will cause quick decomposition of food.

Hence, vacuum your carpet at least two times a week, especially if you know that people have eaten over it.  You can never be too careful about this.

Check for spots

Once you have vacuumed your carpet thoroughly, go scavenging for spots.  This is where it gets interesting.  The recommendation for hard-to-remove spots is to use a spotting solution.  Let it sit for the time recommended as it might need some time to act.  If you want to feel safe about the product, you might want to try on a small spot on an invisible corner. Try to remove a stain from a non-visible place and test.

Know when to get professional help

When stains go really bad and you keep trying to make it better out of sheer frustration, you can wind up making it worse.  Whenever you find a spot that will just not go away, before you even consider replacing the whole damn thing, get professional help.  We recommend Yorkville Carpet Care if you want to get outstanding results.  Make it a routine to have professionals clean your carpet with special products at least once a year.